Weight Losing Tips – Cut Out the Donuts

It’s practically impossible to turn on the TV or open up a magazine without seeing someone or something sounding a clarion call that people are too fat and need to lose weight. There’s an “obesity epidemic” they scream in panicked tones. Meantime, women, who are already struggling with their body issues, don’t need to hear that kind of thing. It is important for women in particular, to choose a safe weight lose program.

What do I mean by safe weight loss? Well, the important thing is not to get fixated on what you look like. Television and movies are inundated with actresses who are as thin as rails – but they aren’t the real world and you shouldn’t try to live up to the artificial standards held up by tinsel town.

For safe weight lose, you first need to know what the optimum weight is for your height and body type. Many women have a small frame, others have a medium frame, still others, a big frame. Women can all be the same height, but because of their body types, the optimum weight will differ for each. It is much more healthy to focus on achieving this optimum weight, rather than trying to shrink down to a weight that you can’t sustain without injuring your health.

So, once you’ve figured out what your optimum weight is – you then decide if you’re over or under that weight! And by how much. Everybody’s weight fluctuates a little bit – for example over the holidays…you simply accept that you’ll over-indulge a bit in the holidays, not beat yourself up over it, and gradually lose that weight in the next few weeks.

Safe weight lose is important because it’s all a matter of your health. It doesn’t matter how skinny you are if you don’t have the energy to play with your kids, or Phentermine For Sale go out on a date with your husband or significant other. And being a whole five pounds over weight is not going to hamper that play, or that date. Be who you are, be happy.

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