How to Throw the Football

How to throw the football is easy to learn. You start with your grip. How you hold the football determines if you throw nice tight spirals or wobbling ducks. Next is your throwing stance, it affects your accuracy. Your delivery, release and follow through come from your passing stance. Now you are ready to practice how to throw the football.

Your Grip

You want your fingers on the laces of the ball. Be sure there is daylight between the ball and the web of your hand. If there isn’t you are chocking the ball. that leads to throwing wobbling ducks.

As you drop back to your stance, you want to protect the ball by securing it with both hands. Remember there are rushers that want to strip you of the ball making them a hero and you the เข้าเล่นเว็บตรง ufabet goat. Two hands on the ball as you drop back.

Your Throwing Stance

While you are dropping back to your throwing stance, look down field to find your open man. Now that you have identified your target, don’t hesitate, get into passing stance. Have your forward shoulder pointing at your target. Now this is important, the center of the arch of your plant foot should be lined up with your receiver.

Your Delivery

Now that you are in your throwing stance, bring your throwing arm up and back. Use both hands, releasing your non throwing hand about chin high. (Remember those pass rushers that want to separate you from the ball.)

Bring your throwing arm back, elbow bent, and cock your arm. Extend your free arm forward for balance and your hand pointing at the receiver. Your weight will transfer to your plant foot and your ready to make your delivery.

Pushing off your back foot, bring your front foot forward stepping into the throw. Bring your throwing arm forward delivering the ball. You will feel your weight transfer to your forward foot during your throwing motion.


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