Do You Want a Location Independent Business?

Do you want to be able to work from anywhere you wish? The comfort of your own home? The bar down the street? Or maybe on holiday in Italy?

I myself had the fortune of making two big trips last year, one to Bali Indonesia and the other to the Caribbean. While I was there I did some thinking and came to the conclusion that I could do my work from anywhere I wanted. All I had to do was to modify my business in such a way that I didn’t have to be physically present. In today’s world when you can connect to the Internet just about everywhere, wouldn’t it be easy to do your business from wherever you want?

Traditionally you had a PC or computer that contains all your files, all your applications and your e-mail. If you wanted to access this information you had to physically access the computer in your office. With cloud computing getting more and more common, you can access all your information with your iPhone, laptop or tablet from just about anywhere in the world.

Being location independent has several benefits:

– You save money, time, and resources since you don’t have to drive to work every day

– You can design your life, by making your own hours. Would you prefer to take time off in the afternoon to be with your family? You can do so easily and make up for it later.

– You can work from a quiet location where no one bothers you.

– When you have some spare hours at the airport, check your business

– You yourself can fill in more, you get the point.

There are also some points on the downside:

• You need a large dose of self-discipline! You have to keep yourself motivated.

• It can be lonely at times. No more office gossip

• Working from home causes distractions (Household, kids, pets)

But if you have the positive mind of an entrepreneur, the benefits Location independence vastly outnumber the disadvantages! You don’t need to be a computer geek with a PhD in computer science, but you will need a basic understanding of computers and the Internet.

There is one advantage and that the tools are getting more user-friendly every day, for example I know a couple of elderly people who use the iPad. They tried a computer before but the learning curve was to steep and they let it pass. Now with a the new approach of user interfacing with tablets like the iPad, that shouldn’t hold you back.

If you have no idea of how to accomplish all of this, I recommend that you read ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferris. Some consider it the Bible for a location independent lifestyle, I consider it a fine manual to get you started. Some areas covered in the book are: how to create more spare time while working a day job, how to create a passive income and enjoy life more.

PS: Like your current job? Great! You can also use the location independent techniques to organise your personal IT for yourself or your family.

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